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3 Hacks to Get the Desired Design of Rooms through Paintable Wallpaper

Do you want to repaint your walls over the wallpapers? Well, painting the walls of your room that already has wallpaper installed can be challenging. It might spoil the look of your room. However, for your desire to repaint your walls on the wallpaper, the best solution is installing paintable wallpapers.

Here the ways how you can get your desired design for your rooms through paintable wallpapers…

1) Print on Paintable Wallpapers

There are numerous patterns and textures available on paintable wallpaper in Perth. You can get ornate, flowers, shapes, rustic textures, and many more designs of paintable wallpaper. Moreover, this type of wallpaper consists of looks like wood, panelling, or beadboard. Hence, with such varieties in paintable wallpapers, you can easily fulfil your requirements.

2) Install Them in Small Spaces

It is a unique way of installing textured paintable papers or black and white wallpaper in Perth to make the most out of them. You can use this type of wallpaper on the accent wall or in a small powder room. Moreover, these wallpapers will look amazing when they are used as wainscoting, or just covering the lower part of the wall. In addition, it works exceptionally well on ceilings.

3) Apply Primer

To ensure that your paintable wallpaper lasts long, you must apply primer on your walls before installing the wallpaper. Your first step before installing the wallpaper will apply primer on the walls in a proper way so that there are no holes on the walls. As the presence of holes can cause bubbles, patches or nicks on the walls. Thus, paint the walls with any acrylic primer or wallpaper sizzling, and then let it dry. Apply the paintable wallpapers on the walls only after the primer dries up completely.

What is the Best Way to Install the Wallpapers?

Majority of the pre-painted wallpapers are available pre-pasted. However, if not available in the pre-pasted form, then you need to apply the wallpaper paste. Follow the steps given below to install the wallpaper effectively:

  • Apply the paper down on the wall and use a roller to spread on the paste evenly. Moreover, you need to submerge the pre-pasted wallpaper into a water tray.
  • After that, place the strip end into the tray and steadily unroll the remaining strip through the water.
  • The next step will be to lay down the strips and fold the ends together with the glue sides opposite to each other, but make sure they do not crease while folding the ends.
  • Lastly, begin applying the wallpaper

Therefore, these were some of the ways with the help of which you can get your desired design for your rooms. Also, it is highly recommended to hire professional interior designers to install the wallpapers more effectively.

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