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5 Questions to Ask a Wallpaper Supply & Installation Company before Hiring It

Are you looking to hire a company to install wallpapers at your home? You will find a number of these companies around you and each of them will claim to be the very best in the business. What are you to do? Should you take them by their face value? Certainly not!!! You need to ask them a few questions prior to putting money on them. A trustworthy and seasoned company like Perth Wallpaper will have concrete affirmative answers to all these questions.

Here are the questions you need to ask.

How many years of experience do you have in supplying and installing wallpapers?

Hanging wallpapers is an art – to say the least. It can be mastered only over the years by the virtue of experience. Hence, it is extremely important to know how much experience and extent of expertise the company you are zeroing on, has. It is important to hire a company with at least a few years of experience, as that indicates that it has been through a considerable evolution of trend and style of wallpapers.

Are you accustomed to the type of wallpaper material I am planning to use?

You will find wallpapers that are made from a wide range of materials. The kind of wallpaper that you will use will entirely depend upon your aesthetic preference and needs. Now it is imperative for the company you are hiring, to be well familiar with the material and type of wallpaper that you are vouching for. Hence, this should be the next question you need to ask the company looking to supply and install wallpapers at your property.

What type of preparation works should I anticipate from your end?

Installation of wallpaper is not an overnight job. The job demands a series of preparation to ensure that the installation is done impeccably. The walls have to be prepared properly before the installation. Now it is the responsibility of the wallpaper installation company to do all these and pass on crucial information to the household regarding the role they need to play before the installation. Ask the company about the role they will be playing during the lead up to the installation of the wallpapers and the role they expect you to play.

Do you supply customised wallpapers?

It is not unjustified at all to ask for customised wallpapers, or in other words, the ones that will fulfill YOUR aesthetic preferences. On the contrary, you have all the reasons in the world to do so. Therefore, the company you have eyed on MUST have the capacity and the competency to supply customised wallpapers to fulfill your choices. Do not forget to ask this question. In fact, the reply you get to this question will determine whether you are banking on the right name or not.

Do you guarantee client satisfaction on the your service?

Wallpapers that are installed perfectly and properly take the aesthetic appeal of the interiors to an altogether new height. The surface of properly installed wallpapers is absolutely smooth, with impeccably aligned seams that are almost invisible. There should be a complete absence of any air bubble whatsoever, and hence, should lend a visual comfort altogether.

Thus, you see, a company has to go through a rather long check-list before it can ‘satisfy’ a customer. Many companies would not assure or guarantee customer satisfaction on that note. They would use cheap wallpapers in Perth that might not give you the desired results. That is not the case with the reputed companies. These companies will always guarantee customer satisfaction before they start their work. We do so – as well.

Hence, before you sign the contract, ask them this question. The answer you get will tell you the entire story about the company.

When you put money on companies like Perth Wallpaper, you get affirmative answers to all these queries and that is the reason we are today such a reputed name in wallpaper supply and installation.

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