wallpapers at stair risers
A Few Creative Ways to Apply Wallpapers at Stair Risers

Want to wallpaper your stairs? Well, whether you realise it or not, the staircase is often the overlooked part that could have added the colour and texture to a hallway. With the application of wallpaper, it won’t be just a medium to reach one floor from another but also become a focal point of your home.

Staircases are not the easiest of spaces to work with, and the solution that you can land with is either painting or carpeting. And, with a little preparation, and a little vision, they can be transformed easily. However, the riser or vertical area under the tread of step can be patterned with wallpapers having strong colours. Know how!

How to Do It?

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be for the four walls, and the staircase can also be the space to work on your creativity. These are one of the in-between places in the home found across the stairs, corridors and most neglected areas. However, when you work on them with trendy patterns and prints, reach our wallpaper shop in Perth to find the right the pattern to transform the home in a positive way.

How Do the Professionals Wallpaper the Stairs?

  • We measure the front face of the stair horizontally as well as vertically. And, we use this measurement to cut the wallpaper and fit it accordingly.
  • Use fine sandpaper at the front face of the stair. It makes the wooden surface to adhere the wallpaper better.
  • Apply the wallpaper to the face and press it into the right position. Tools like spatula smooth out the air bubbles. It works from the centre to outwards.
  • As soon as the stair risers get dry, we protect the wallpaper with the help of varnish to prevent any scuff mark that makes the wallpaper look good for long.

Colour Schemes Around the Stairs: Before calling our experts for wallpaper installation in Perth, keep in mind the colour schemes that can leave the maximum impact on the guests visiting your place. For maximum impact, the colour of the hall, as well as the stairwells, should be the same. Especially, the neutral paler shades emphasis the drama of wallpaper. The geometric and abstract pattern can create an eye-catching entrance.

Be playful with the decoration with the advantage of natural rising steps. You can grade each step of your stair from dark at the base to the light the top- it will be nothing less than a visual feast.

Choose the Right Paper: We choose the prints the same as what has been applied across the sideways. Since the width of the wallpaper is not wide enough to cover the average stair, sometimes it becomes the headache for the homeowners to match the pattern. However, our wallpaper installers in Perth suggest that abstract paper won’t look odd, especially if you use them with a good collection of designs. Being a modest place, stairs look best upon using a wide range of papers.

We must say, wallpaper is a wonderful design tool. We have installed it almost everywhere- bedroom, kitchen, stairway, cabinets and kitchens. Just name a flat surface, and we will paper it.