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How Does the Paintable Wallpaper Work? A Brief Discourse

Paintable wallpaper is also known as a modern marvel, which is not like ordinary wallpaper. It’s much thicker, adds the texture and depth to any room. Right from the hallway to the bathroom or bedroom, it can complement your ceiling too. We have recommended many of our clients our paintable wallpapers in Perth due to the flexibility and convenience they can’t find in case of normal wallpaper. Do you know painting wallpapers can make it more washable and durable? Get more such benefits discussed in this content.

1. It Solves a Number of Design Problems:

One of the main reasons why hanging wallpaper in your home sounds not pleasing to you- the state of the walls. The plaster cracks, chips are things that need to be eliminated successfully to prepare wall removing the imperfections. Smoother the surface, better adhesion you can get to hang the wallpaper.

Fortunately, you can take the burden of this long process off your shoulder, covering all the imperfections at the initial stage. Since our paintable wallpaper in Perth WA are thick that it can adequately cover all the surface flaws that no more need you to use any wall covering. As you can paint this wallpaper, you can decide the colour of the wallpaper. Even you no more have to worry about matching shades to complement your interior design scheme exactly.

At Perth Wallpaper you will get plenty of product options those can be the perfect fit for your home. Even, it’s an add on that you can paint our vinyl wallpaper in Perth- you may or may not paint the wallpaper. It’s entirely your choice.

2. How to Hang the Paintable Wallpaper?

Since most products come pre-pasted, they are usually easy to hang. Before applying paintable wallpaper, you should prepare your wall like the way you do it for other wall coverings. Our wallpaper installers in Perth suggest priming the wall beforehand. It makes the wallpaper installation as well as removal process easier. It is recommended to let the primer dry for at least 36 hours after application. Else, it can cause a bubble and textured look to the wallpaper.

How do we paint: We do not use the primer to coat the wallpaper, as it can hide the textures with no option to flaunt the design feature. Even, there is no use of special paint either. We recommend the use of the low-gloss product that can’t take the charm of texture. Based on the quality of paint you choose, you can use several coats of it. In the end, you will achieve a unique finish with your choice of colours and designs.

3. Come and Explore Our Wallpaper Selection

We offer a large selection of wallpaper with numerous textures and styles. Just call at 0466 249 555 for consultation or to book the wallpaper you want to install. Check out our gallery section to get an idea of how we have worked so far to make interior look beautiful and trendy. Right from maintaining a huge stock to precisely measuring wallpaper before installation- we leave no stone unturned.