Most Popular Wallpaper Styles in Australia for 2019

It’s about time that wallpapers are entering the scene of interior decor again. Previously, it was just some geometric patterns and colourful abstract designs, but now the scenario has changed a lot. For contemporary homes, photo-realistic wallpapers are becoming more and more popular over the days.

There are so many options to choose from. Moreover, as people are focusing more on having a feature wall, the demand of wallpapers is increasing. Perth Wallpaper takes the pride of refurbishing many homes around Australia already. Being the specialists, and we always keep an eye on what’s new in the block!

If you have decided to install the best wallpaper murals in Perth this year, let us give you a clear idea about the latest trends of wallpapers to choose from. Follow the trail.

Floral and Botanical Patterns to Add the Natural Touch


Some of our customers just love the idea of decorating their home with floral elements. Well, instead of spending too much on the decorative flowers or bouquets, we suggest them to go for botanical and floral designed wallpapers.

The bright colours of the flowers with a touch of greenery around, the rooms will just bloom in freshness! Also, there is a wide variety of floral arrangements available to choose from. Rose, tulips, carnations – the pictures on the wallpaper look so realistic and appealing – it will look like an inspiring piece of art for them.

Metallic Finish for that Glamorous Appearance


Just like it was in the previous year, the metallic finished wallpapers are also equally popular in the present time. Some people love to have a royal touch on their walls, and metallic finished wallpapers certainly fulfil that part.

Also, the best part of getting it done by our wallpaper installer in Perth is it makes a small room appear spacious, larger than it actually is. This is because it reflects the light most perfectly. There are some shades for metallic wallpapers – gold, silver, black and copper.

Also, you can find the floral designs and geometric patterns in these three shades available for you to choose from.

Brick, Timber and Stone Effects for the Minimal Look


Well, you don’t need to go for a dramatic appeal always. Instead, for commercial areas like restaurants, cafe and other sectors, stone, brick and timber patterns are perfect. It gives a minimal yet appealing look. These wallpapers are equally popular for offices.

Cityscape for the Wanderlust!


If you wish to give a contemporary touch to your property interior, go for cityscape patterns. The cityscape pattern will provide an instant facelift to any room.

Our cityscape wallpapers feature vintage and classic photos of Australia’s iconic areas. It’s a way of showing your love for the place where you belong. Also, the wallpapers are available in monochrome shades which exudes an amazing appeal itself.

Are you planning to renovate your interior? We are just one call away. Consult with us, and you will get the latest, trending, high-quality, long-lasting yet affordable wallpapers installed to give a makeover to your house interior.