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Redecorate Your Living Room With This 5 Stunning Wallpapering Ideas

Want to give your living room the visual punch? Then you have landed on the right page. The variety of colours, textures and patterns can make your living room look either big and bold or soft and subtle. The great thing about the wallpaper is you can use it in a number of ways, and here we are bringing you 5 known and unknown ideas to make your living room more lively.

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Classic Coverage

When it comes to covering the space of your wall with some basic decor, wallpapers in Perth are the ideal products to choose from. The key to do so is by choosing some contemporary colours, patterns and styles. For certain rooms, you may ask professional installers to choose the bold and exceptional graphic designs, and some other places can go well with the simple pattern and texture to create subtle interest.

Half Coverage to the Wall

Either choose top or bottom half of the wall to apply wallpaper and make your living room look great without overwhelming the space. It is a popular approach to cover the top half of the wall with paper and do panelling on the bottom half. This is something that would never go out of style.

Installing 2 Papers on One Wall

This is again one of the demanding patterns when it comes to installing wallpapers. Just pick a type of wallpaper for the bottom half and another type for the top half. It is ought to look fantastic! Why not separate them using the chair rail? It can give your living room a facelift with a fantastic look. If you want something really strong, reach our wallpaper shops in Perth WA and look for contrasting patters involving toile and stripes, damask or chevron- which are strong in colour. For a subtle look, you can consider tone-on-tone patterns (use of different shades of the same colour) to keep a theme simple.

Create a Feature Wall

Want to make the living room look outstanding? With a wallpapered feature wall, you can add a focal point to your living room. All you have to make sure that there is no other feature wall to compete with the new feature wall, where the eyes will get confused, creating a sense of chaos. Why not try installing the wallpaper behind the fireplace or TV to draw the eye naturally to your feature wall.

Wallpaper the Ceiling

People often find it worthless to look up. Why? Obviously because of the dull and white paint that no more creates the unique look as the fresh coat of paint. But it is not possible to paint the ceiling every year. Even paints fail to hide the cracks to the ceiling. What’s the solution then? Use of wallpaper can take all your worries away. Just by choosing wallpaper in a bold colour or decorative pattern, it can stand out to hide construction faults with no chance of bubble or peel like paint.

Apart from these 3 ideas, you can craft your furniture, bookcase and lampshade with wallpaper cutouts.