some ripper ways of using floral wallpapers - adding colour to life
Some Ripper ways of Using Floral Wallpapers – Adding Colour to Life

The floral wallpapers are the new in-thing. You will find them everywhere. The trendy designs of these wallpapers will help you to get over with every other option you thought you had, regarding these throwback styles of wallpapers.

Indeed, from the pastels and watercolour, from the louder ones to the ones more subtle, from graphic statement to those full blooms, these floral wallpapers are ‘cool’!

How Do They Work?

The interior designers have always been fascinated by flowers. They have always looked for some extra way to bring in this fascinating element of nature in life and indoor, beyond wearing dresses with floral prints or putting flowers in vases.

It is this thought, which has fanned the idea of installation of floral wallpapers in Perth. And this is the ‘very’ thought that steers us at Perth Wallpaper to come up with some astounding varieties.

When Small is Beautiful

If you are planning to revamp a ‘smallish’ room, the best way to do so is by adding a pop of colour. Take, for instance, the laundry room. This room has no design accessory to grapple with others. Thus, allowing a dark, romantic floral wallpaper will come in handy. It will create the focal point that will put some life and add some weight it can be proud of.

Going for the Full Bloom…

If you are looking to go for full bloom, the dining space seems to be your obvious choice. A wallpaper installation specialist in Perth will always prefer a full bloom variety for the dining space.

This is because it will add a whimsical and contemporary tinge over those tired, age-old standby. A combination of bright pink and yellow designs all over the room adds that bright, floral accent throughout the wall, without really overpowering or overwhelming the space.

Going Bold…

When we talk about floral wallpapers, they do not have to consist of only and only flowers. The kids’ room can have something more than flowers.

A bright, whimsical floral-animal combo print over the entire space will set a new theme. The tone becomes all the more pertinent when you have a bright coloured bed with a matching bookshelf. With such a bold backdrop, the room turns kid-friendly, full and finished.

Opting for Something Subtle

In some way or the other, some of these floral wallpapers at times add a fair bit of subtle tinge, with a feminine touch. Thus, if you have a daughter, certain patterns will add that element of femininity with a perfect blend of inspiration. Again, adding large roses will add a splash of colour, which will add an element of loudness, adding a neutral tinge to the otherwise subtle room.

Being Brave

You can be a bit brave when it comes to wallpapering your bedroom. Go for some moody, romantic print that will not overpower the space, but will add an element of romanticism.

Then again, you need to keep the accessories and furniture as simple as possible. It is all the more critical if you go for wallpaper murals in Perth. These otherwise simpleness of the room will put more focus on the ‘mural-esque’ appeal. A darker shade will calm down the bedroom further.

The Murals…

This takes us to those mural wallpapers with the floral tinge. They go a long way to turn a simplistic room to an artistic one, and that is what makes a difference.

Therefore, you see, there is no shortage of options and ideals when you opt for these floral wallpapers. All you need to do is to hire a reputed and seasoned wallpaper installation specialist in Perth like Perth Wallpaper. We will yield the best results for you.

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