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Wallpapering Around the Corners? Know How to Deal With the Obstacles

When it comes to wallpapering in and around the corners, it requires special techniques that need attention to detail, since every wall is not plumb. It’s a complete no-no to push a paper anyhow inside the corner and continue pasting wallpaper onto the intersecting wall. The reason is, it can create a misaligned and wrinkled mess.

While installing our designer wallpapers in Perth, we cut the strip where two walls meet and hang them individually. Here is how our professionals work for proper installation of wallpaper around the corners-

1. Covering the Outside Corners:

Measurement of the strip: When we prepare to wrap wallpaper around the corner, we draw a plumb line on the second wall considering the strip width plus 1/2 inch from end to end of the corner strip. We measure plumb line in 3 different places and space between the end to end corner strip.

2. Setting the Second Strip:

We slit the 2nd strip from the middle to the bottom if the distance to the plumb line is larger at the top of the wall. Then overlapping our Perth wallpaper, we make the uncut edge plumb and double-cut the overlapped part.

3. Covering the Inside Corners:

Measuring the first corner strip: From the last strip to the corner, we measure three different places. The first portion should be cut to the largest length plus 1/4 inch.

4. Setting the 1st Strip:

Lay the first corner strip to the preceding one and push it firmly into the corner.

Measurement for the second strip: We measure the remaining strip and draw the plumb line accordingly on the intersecting wall, where width is taken 1/4 inch away from the corner. Place the leftover strip next to the plumb line and allow the corner edge to overlap the first strip. We apply non-porous vinyl-to-vinyl paste to the overlap.

5. Wallpapering the Archways:

When it comes to wallpapering around the archways, it uses the same techniques as covering the solid wall. As soon as you choose a preferable one form our wallpaper for Sale in Perth, we hang two strips of paper of the chosen one as tall as the archway.

Next, we create a horizontal cut from the inside edge within an inch of the wall. We wrap the paper along the edge of the arch and down the jamb to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles.

6. Trimming and Matching:

Using the utility shears, we trim the paper on the archway within the inch of the edge. With a small wedge, we shape the paper extending 1/4 inch from the sedge.

Apart from the arches and corners, we can wallpaper across the windows, outlets, faceplate, fixtures. Hanging wallpaper around such utilities is similar to hanging wallpaper across the solid walls using the same techniques.

Hope you got a clear idea about how we work when it comes to hanging wallpaper across the critical areas. Reach our professionals at 0466 249 555 to talk about your requirements and let us have a site visit to make a flawless application of wallpapers in your premises.