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Ultimate Feature Wall Projects at Reasonable Price

Are you planning to add an extra tinge or two to the interiors of your home? Are you looking forward to taking the aesthetic appeal of the interiors to an altogether different level? Well, that is when you should toy with various feature wall ideas that will add a raw texture and a hint of glimmer that will add more personality to your rooms!!!
This is where we at Perth Wallpaper hit the headline. We come up with the latest and the most innovative feature wall ideas in Perth, which add materialistic as well as aesthetic value to your home like nothing else!

Why Feature Wall Projects?

Adding visually rich and vibrant murals to the interiors goes a long way in creating a serious aesthetic impact. They not only add vibrant and enticing shades, patterns and textures to the walls but add an extra feature or character to the entire interior, thus dictating the decor of the entire room rather significantly!
But then, you MUST put your stakes on reputed companies like us, who have enough experience under their belt and are home to specialists in feature wall projects.

Why us?

We at Perth Wallpaper provide you with ecstatic ideas and colour forecasts, to add an additional paint effect and some extra dimensions to the interiors.
Indeed, our experts go a long way in recreating elements like concrete and clay, stone and wood. Far from turning gaudy or faux, these modern feature wall textures are incorporated seamlessly into any space, thus adding an extra tactility as well as visual interest.

In what way we help?

You can have immense ideas of incorporating textures, shades and patterns to the interior walls. They can be simple as well as complex….small or partial addition of a blocked colour or a holistic mural that expresses a fuller statement. In whatever way you perceive it, the theme must gel seamlessly with the dimension of your room, the lights and the change thereof, throughout the day. It must go with the illumination that the room enjoys after the nightfall!
Once you put stakes on us, our experts will take into consideration all these minute details and come up with the idea that will not only fit in with the interiors but take the aesthetic appeal of your home to an altogether different stature!

Our Services

The feature wall ideas in Perth we offer can be subtle as well as muted with back paint effects and colors. They can be bold and vibrant as well, depending upon your preferences, with recurring patterns and imagery, thus translating your home into something special!
Whatever we do, we work with ultimate professionalism, helping you to save money as well time, and delivering something that not only meets your expectations but goes far beyond! Our services range from sourcing raw materials and patterns and designs to ordering as well as installation.

The USP of our service is:

  • Excellent skills
  • Reasonable price that is competitive, yet realistic
  • Excellent Materials
  • Impeccable finishing
  • Unquestionable Professionalism

For further details about feature wall ideas in Perth, refer to our CONTACT US page and get in touch with us – NOW!!

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