How should I measure the length of wallpaper?

Except for the special cases of ceiling and all, the rest of the measurement can be done by yourself.

The following are some of the steps-

  1. Calculating the total surface area that is to be covered by the formula 2(Length of the Room + Breadth of the Room) * Height of the Room
  2. The figure obtained in step 1 is to be divided by the area of each roll which will give the number of rolls that is required for wallpapering.

Where should I buy the best wallpaper?

With so many wallpaper suppliers and installers in the market, you need to find for the best one. Go for the collection and the years of experience each of the stores you visit. Apart from this, ask for the experience they have in the industry. These questions are always going to help you find the best supplier and the quality

Can I repair the slight damage?

Yes, minor damages can be repaired and guess what if done proficiently would blend with the previous one. However, every step needs to be followed properly so as to ensure that the portion attached matches with the texture.

What types of wallpaper do you supply and install?

We cater to different types of wallpaper and wallpaper types- Murals, 3D, Brick, Custom, Glitter, and many more that match with the recent trend.

What should be the pattern match?

It completely depends on the design and texture you are opting for. Some of the designs of the wallpapers have pattern repeat that should be installed accordingly. These patterns can either be in the form of vertical or horizontal form

How should I prepare my wall?

Preparing the walls for the wallpaper is very much crucial when it comes to installing the wallpaper. Right from cleaning the surface to ensuring that the walls are smooth all comes under wall preparation for wallpaper installation. When all these are completed then it means that your house is 100% prepared for wallpaper installation.

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