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Know How to Wallpaper Your Kids Room and Inspire Their Imagination

Do you want to hang wallpapers in your kids’ room? It will no doubt be colourful, but unlike toys, there can be recommendations to help parents to choose a certain style of wallpaper according to child’s age. However, it makes a perfect sense to choose a wallpaper for kids based on the wall structures, colours, patterns and easy to clean features. The best part of working with wallpaper is you can change it according to their growing age and mood.

How to Use Different Corners of Your Kids Room:

Whereas adults often have different rooms for specific activities, the children’s room requires to meet different requirement. For say, a child’s room is used for sleeping relaxing, learning, playing and studying. As they age, their room will be frequently visited by their friends. So, here are a few tips on how to make the wallpapering job successful-

 For the Play Cornes:

You can use bright coloured wallpaper at the play corners, and busy patterns work great there. However, do not consider the visible place from your kid’s bed as play corners, as it will make it harder for your child to fall asleep.

 For Head Position:

Patterned wallpaper can also be placed at the head position of the bed. Choose the dark or pastel colour with a delicate pattern, which is the better choice for relaxation areas. On the other hands, bright colours stand as a nice backdrop for study and play area.

Wallpaper for a Child’s Room Should Never be Overwhelming:

Toddlers love exploring the entire home, especially in the first few years of their lives. They frequently crawl around the whole house during this phase. They generally don’t spend much time in their rooms, but in their kindergarten age, they will enjoy their whole realm a bit more. So, here is a list of the general rules to provide your child with a positive environment-

 Use delicate patters and light colours in the small rooms.
 Choose colourful wallpapers but avoid making it loud with busy pattern throughout the room.
 Include the elements that your child have drawn on the walls, or it can be the treasures like fossils or stones he/she has collected.
 If you choose a loud pattern for the walls, the furniture should be simple.

How Wallpaper According to The Different Ages of the Children:

Since the child goes through different development stages, his/her perception and interest are determined by age. So, here is how to hang the wallpaper according to the age of the children-

 When babies are born, their eyesight is limited to 20-30 cms, and they can only focus on their parent’s face. At this stage, the child mainly sees light-dark contrasts. So, primary colours like red yellow, blue are the colours that can attract their attention or can leave it with black and white wallpaper in Perth.

 Since the child will develop its vision with time, so, when the baby is 2-3 years, you must choose friendly, happy and light wallpaper colours to create a warm atmosphere. Moreover, a patterned wall will work great with a medley of animal figures, flowers, trees etc. can attract the gaze of the baby.

 When your baby reaches its 5th year, it becomes the most active years for the baby. So, it’s important to ensure good sleep. And, for a room with a cozy feel, wallpaper with repetitive patters can create a relaxing environment.

Whether it’s a boy or girl child, whom you are wallpapering for, if you can bring their favourite character through wallpaper, it can inspire their imagination. For example, a fairy tale wallpaper for girls in Perth will be great to pamper your little princes.

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