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Problems faced by a Professional Wallpaper Installer – a Brief Account

Wallpapering is not a child’s play. Neither it is anyone’s job. Well, this is not to demoralise those who prefer DIY stuff for wallpapering. Still, surely, if you are planning to install wallpapers on the walls of your home to deck them up, you need to put stakes on professionals from reputed companies for better results.

Does that mean the pros do not face any challenges while wallpapering? Surely they do, but they overcome those challenges with the help of their experience and acumen. That’s precisely what experts working for us at Perth Wallpaper do! So that makes the real difference at the end of the day.

Here on this page, we discuss a few challenges that stand in the way between the pros and a perfect wallpapering!

Filling the Gaps And The Holes on Walls

In most cases, the pros find that the walls are underprepared. They would come across gaps and holes, cracks and crevices on the walls. These defects play a major hindrance to the proper installation of the wallpapers.

Therefore, they have to fill up those gaps and holes appropriately, so much so that the surface becomes even and uniform enough to make sure the papers stick on the wall uniformly.

Remember, any lack of uniformity on the wall surface will result in a ridiculous eyesore, post-installation. This is where the real challenge of every professional wallpaper installer in Perth lies and they overcome this challenge without any hiccup whatsoever.
Preparing the Walls’ Surface

Once the gaps and the holes are seen off, the surface of the wall needs to be perfectly prepared. Any extra bit of dust and debris on the wall has to be removed. Any undulation of the surface has to be negated by sanding, so much so that the surface turns uniform. If present, this unwanted stuff will decrease the adhesive quality of the glue, thereby resulting in the formation of blisters on the wallpapers after a few days of installation.

Choosing the Right Type of Adhesive

This is another area where the pros face the challenge. There are different types of adhesives available in the market, and they choose the right kind of glue for the right type of wallpaper.

They choose a suitable type of adhesive depending upon the weight, variety and the thickness of the paper. For instance, heavier wallpapers, like the vinyl wallpapers in Perth, which are on the thicker side, would need thicker glues with more adhesive quality. Too diluted glues will fail to make the wall hold back these papers for too long.

Now, this is where the experience of our experts come into play. They would use the right percentage of glue, depending upon the type of surface and the wallpaper.

There are a lot more to discuss regarding this issue. We will discuss them in our next post.

Following the Pattern

This is something that people can do as well when they do the wallpapering themselves. But unfortunately, they fail. More so, when when it comes to installing wallpapers with intricate designs, they falter and make a mess of the entire work. This is why the intervention of an expert of a company like Perth Wallpaper is so essential.

No matter how complex the design is, they will set up the papers in such a way that the continuance of the pattern is well-maintained, thus creating an unabated design pattern throughout the entire wall. This creates just that desired aesthetic effect you have been looking for!

Again, there are a few other topics as well, to be discussed! We will do so when we post our next blog. Please stay tuned till then.
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