designer wallpaper around windows
4 Easy Steps To Hang Designer Wallpaper Around Windows

With tight corners and uneven ledges, hanging a designer wallpaper around your windows CAN BE TRICKY…! Not to forget the fact that finding the perfect wallpaper fit to attach around their windows is daunting!

But, fret not as it is not impossible! “Perth Wallpaper”- your trusted supplier of designer wallpaper in Western Australia shares with you these 4 steps to shrug off the struggle that comes with wallpapering tricky window areas.

Step 1:- “Paint The Edges Properly.”

The first step to putting wallpapers around your dicey window spaces is preparing the walls and getting a proper measurement to ensure no uncovered space is left.

You can look to prepare the area (especially your window edges) by painting it in the same colour as your chosen designer wallpaper. This will prevent your wallpaper from sticking out like a sore thumb post-installation.

Step 2:- “Add A Quality Wall Sealer Also Known As A Paint Sealer.”

The second step to installing designer wallpaper around the windows like a pro is preparing the wall properly. We suggest using a quality wall sealer- or paint sealer! It is a crucial layer which if done properly, will ensure the wallpaper installation appears good and flawless.

Applying a quality sealer to your porous walls makes it non-porous. This makes it easy to remove and redo the wallpaper layers if you intend to update it sometime in the future. What’s more; if you accidentally mess up; you can peel off the wallpaper easily and put it up again without ripping or tearing.

Step 3:- “Leave Out A Few Extra Inches At The End Of The Window Area.”

The key to achieving a quality wallpaper installation around the window area is measuring it properly. You can use a ruler or a measuring tape to know the exact length of the area around the window. Then keeping that in mind, look to cut the wallpaper (not in the same measurement) but by keeping a few inches extra.

You do not want to end up being a tad short at the edges. Instead, the safer option would be to leave a few extra inches which you can remove post-installation.

Step 4:- “Look To Make Small-Straight & Even Cuts.”

We understand that the most difficult part of wallpapering your windows are its corners. What we suggest is cutting a diagonal line in the extra paper to help the sides stay flat. Take time to cut off those extra wallpaper pieces in proper measurement. To achieve perfectly straight and even cuts; you can use a sharp razor blade.

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