4 Most Common Blunders When Installing Wallpaper in Your Home

Hanging a wallpaper correctly in your home is way easier than one imagines- provided you have some prior knowledge and idea. Or else, it could be very daunting and give rise to numerous installation mistakes.

Perth Wallpaper– your one-stop solution to quality wallpaper installation services throws light on some of those most common mistakes in hanging wallpaper that homeowners commit.

Let’s Begin.

Mistake 1 – “Improper Booking And Not Giving Time To Soak.”


The foremost reason why homeowners botch their wallpapers is not paying attention to its appropriate soaking time. After applying the adhesive to the paper; you ought to book it (fold it slightly without causing any creases).

The next stage is waiting the appropriate length of time to let the glue soak properly to the wall.

Our experienced wallpaper installer in Perth suggests you follow the soaking time mentioned in the instructions ‘to the letter’ as it allows you to avoid gaps between the stripes.

Furthermore, when booking the wallpaper; our specialist advises you to ensure that all its edges are lined up perfectly. This is because if any corner gets overexposed to the air, it will make the glue evaporate. And that will make the wallpaper more prone to peeling once hung on your home wall.

Mistake 2 – “Choosing Difficult To Hang Wallpapers”


Picking difficult to hang wallpapers (like woven wallpapers) is another common blunder that most homeowners commit.

You can avoid this blunder by speaking to our professional wallpaper installer in Perth about the right type of wallpaper to choose.

One quality option which we would recommend you to go for is non-woven wallpapers. Its material consists of a good mix of natural and synthetic fibres which are felted together. This is ridiculously easy to install as you can easily paste it to the wall. It is also very durable and can last a good span.

Mistake 3: “Not Preparing How To Counter Drips And Splashes”


A little bit of mess is never an issue when installing wallpapers in your home. However, if the operation gets too messy -like drips, splashes or smudges, then it is your responsibility to keep it under control.

Unfortunately, not preparing how to counter drips and splashes is another common mistake in wallpaper installation.

Perth Wallpaper’ experts suggest using moist towelettes to quickly clean your messy hands if you need to handle any important wallpapers. Furthermore; you can also use that piece of cloth to clean the smudges, drips and other mess that’s happened.

Mistake 4:“Inappropriately Prepping The Walls”


How many times has it been that after doing all the hard work, you find it peeling away from the wall surface soon after- many?

Well, the reason for that is your walls are full of grease and dust. Many make the mistake of not preparing the walls properly with a proper coat of primer before the installation to make it stick.

Furthermore, some walls also consist of cracks and bumps which prevents the wallpaper from sticking to the wall surface. Our wallpaper installation specialists in Perth usually make use of a wallpaper liner- a thick white wallpaper which reduces appearances of all imperfections and goes ahead with the wall installation. So, keep this trick in mind when you plan to do it again.

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