Creating Feature Wall with Wallpapers – Do you Know the Rules?

You certainly want to impress everyone with your aesthetic sense of your home decor as the guests come in. Creating a feature wall might turn out to be a great idea when it comes to the question of creating an inspiration. But, you can’t just randomly pick any wall, install wallpapers in it and make it a feature wall.

You ought to be wise in choosing the feature wall for wallpaper installation in Perth as somehow it is going to leave the maximum impact on the onlookers. Here are some practical rules that you may choose to follow. Find out.

Use the Wall in the Line of Sight

We would suggest you to choose a wall that is never out of the sight line of the people who are entering your house. It’s better that you pick your living room for this purpose. Don’t put the wallpaper on the wall that is behind the couch, instead of in front it. That’s the secret of getting the maximum visibility for your wallpaper.

Choose a Wall with No Windows

Well, while you might find others saying that it does not matter whether you have windows in your feature wall or not, but we, being the specialists of Perth wallpaper installation, will suggest you go with a wall with no windows or door for maximum impact.

There is a clear logic behind that. When you are creating a feature wall putting wallpaper on it, you certainly don’t want any cut or tamper in the design.

Whenever the flow of the design gets stumbled over the window, the view also gets hampered. It can also be referred to as a sudden or unexpected visual break.

Select the Pattern or Print Wisely

For the maximum impact, you ought to select a particular pattern or print that makes the feature wall look distinct from that of the other walls of your house. The colour of wallpapers should be in high contrast with the colour of your entire interior.

For the patterns, we entirely leave it up to you. If you ask for our suggestion, we can certainly give you some ideas, but there is always the flexibility of choosing what you prefer. It’s our suggestion not to select a round whirling pattern as it will make everyone dizzy.

Those who doubt the busy patterns or photo prints thinking it will distract the vision, remember that it’s not true.

Don’t Go for Something too Plain

Well, the word ‘simple’ does not go with a feature wall. The wall you will select as a featuring highlight has to have boldness. For simplicity or subtlety, the rest of the walls of your house are already there. Also, choosing a colour for the wallpaper that is exceptionally light and putting it on a high traffic zone of your home will be a bad idea. The wallpaper may not last that long you have expected.


Are you planning to have a feature wall in your house? We, the team of Perth Wallpaper, the most preferred name for wallpaper supply and install in Perth can give you some awesome ideas for the same along with giving you a pool of wallpaper choices to pick from. Also, we will handle the installation for you. Give us a call today!