Wall Painting Vs Wallpaper – What Works BEST?

“Your Home Is Where Your Heart Truly Lies…”; no matter how many times you hear this, it never gets old. That’s because it is true. You never feel the way you do anywhere other than when you are home.

And being the homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home looks great always.- starting with the walls off-course.

Now, if you do wish to infuse a lease of life to your interior lack-lustre walls; you can either do it with a fresh tint of paint or a gorgeous looking wallpaper. And though both of them serve a purpose in the own way; you need to decide as to which one will work best for your home.

Perth Wallpaper- your reliable wallpaper supply and install agency in Perth, puts forward comparisons between the two in terms of its durability, installation difficulty, cost and type selection.

So, let’s begin!

The Cost Factor:-


The first line of discussion should always be regarding the cost. Paints have less upfront costs and entirely depends on the type of finish you decide. However, despite the upfront cost being reasonable, it needs to re-done as the paint loses its sheen over time.

Applying wallpaper or mural papers to your interior walls is the latest home decor trend in the industry. And like painting, it requires an upfront cost.

The thing to note here is that the initial cost could a tad more than painting. But don’t you worry. Our wallpaper installation specialists in Perthhave you covered with our immaculate installation, unmatched service and excellent quality wallpapers all priced as per the industry standards.

We will not overburden your wallet, and instead, turn your walls into a specimen of allure and appreciation.

The Selection Aspect:-


Both in wallpaper and wall paint; you will come across a supernumerary of aesthetically pleasing colours and textures. In terms of paint; you can create a feature wall and even take inspiration from Pinterest or home improvement magazines to accomplish gorgeous walls.

As for choosing the appropriate wallpaper; you will also come across lots of intricate designs, bold geometrics and vivid textures to implement on your interior walls (and ceilings).

To get top-trending wallpaper designs; you can request for a free quote online specifying the width accurately, height and total square metre details along with your chosen wallpaper or mural. We will be happy to cater to your customised requests.

The Durability Aspect:-


Generally speaking, a quality paint job can last 8-10 years (even more, if taken care of properly). Furthermore, there are so many washable paints accessible that allow hassle-free cleaning and maintenance. The only thing here is to provide it touch-ups an ensuring that it matches the original paint.

Our quality wallpaper can also last a good 12-15 years (even more). And they are suitable for any highly usable area of your home. The best part is that they are easy to remove and re-install.

The only possible glitch is that, with time, the seams may lift if they are put in areas frequently exposed to dampness and moisture. But not to worry. If you do come across such issues in the future, feel free to let us know @0466 249 555

And Off-Course, The Installation Aspect:-


When discussing the installation procedure, painting is way easier to do if the walls are pre-prepped properly. In fact; it proves to be a straightforward task which needs minimum pre-requisite and manpower. However, one issue which comes about with wall painting is that it leaves behind an odour that needs to be controlled with proper room ventilation.

Au Contraire…wallpaper installation is also an easy process. And if you have a damaged or worn out wall surface, wallpapers are the best and the easiest way to veil it. They do not leave behind any obnoxious odour, nor do they have stain issues. It doesn’t even require any prior wall prepping. The only thing to keep in mind is to match the patterns when installing.

Our diligent Perth wallpaper installation experts can assist you with this by using appropriate installation techniques to achieve the desired results.

The Verdict:-

Here’s a smart idea. Rather, than choosing one, how about you bring the best of both the worlds. Pick the right paint for your feature walls and complement it with gorgeous wallpapers/murals and our immaculate installations.

So request a quote today. ‘Perth Wallpaper’is here to serve you right.