3 golden rules of cleaning your wallpapers without losing shine
3 Golden Rules of Cleaning Your Wallpapers Without Losing Shine

Have you recently invested in wallpaper installation to spruce up your room aesthetics? If so, you might look for ways to retain the shine of your newly installed wallpapers. Installing designer wallpapers in Perth is an ongoing trend among many homeowners as it brings life and feel to your space and gives a new makeover to your rooms.

With time your wallpapers might develop spots, dust and grime and can even become discoloured at the worst. So how can you make your wallpapers look as good as new for the years to come? Fortunately, you can remove the scuffs and grime on your wallpapers with regular upkeep and a few easy cleaning tips.

Take a sneak peek with this blog and know the golden rules of retaining the shine of your newly installed wallpapers for the coming years.

Vacuuming Your Wallpapers Regularly

vacuuming your wallpapers regularly
The best thing you can do to make your wallpapers look pristine is to vacuum it on a regular basis. Attach a mild brush at the edge of your vacuum cleaner and start moving it over your wallpapers gently.

You can follow an organised way and start vacuuming from a corner and gradually cover the entire walls. It will remove dust, grime and moulds and make your wallpapers shine as good as new. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, need not to worry. You can simply fix a microfiber cloth at the end of a hand-held sweeper and roll it on your wall coverings.

Test Your Textured Wallpapers Before Washing

test your textured wallpapers before washing
Post the wallpaper installation; you just can’t wash it with any cleaning agent without testing the type or texture. If the wallpapers are uncoated without any special bindings, it can easily get damaged by water. Therefore, an uncoated Perth wallpaper is not washable.

So how do you know whether your wallpaper is washable or not? You can squirt a little amount of dishwashing liquid in water and apply the solution on the walls in an out-of-way spot. If you notice the solution becoming gradually dark or the colours are fading, you can easily determine that your wall coverings are not washable.

Remove Stains and Spots with Right Detergents

remove stains and spots with right detergents
With time, the wallpapers will inevitably become dull and gloomy. Most of the time, children consider walls to be their canvas and that’s when your newly installed wallpapers go for a toss. When it comes to removing wallpaper stains, you need to know the type of paper you are dealing with so that they don’t get damaged due to wrong choice of chemicals or cleaning agents.

The generic process to remove stains is to apply a solution of water and dishwashing liquid and gently wipe it over the dirt spots and smudges. However, in case of stubborn stains, you can visit the local wallpaper shops in Perth to buy a specific cleaning detergent.

Find a Trusted Wallpaper Specialist for Guaranteed Service

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