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How To Prepare Your Walls for Wallpaper Installation-Ultimate Guide

The process of preparing your walls before wallpapering can be easy or complicated depending upon the present condition and texture of the walls. While it’s easier to prepare painted drywalls by applying a coat of tough primer or a soapy solution, it can turn out to be a daunting task to prepare old and worn out walls that have wooden panelling. Therefore, you need to take proper measures for preparing your walls before opting for professional wallpapering in Perth.

The best way to ensure the wallpaper binds firmly to the walls is to apply a coat of unibond acrylic primer. It creates a perfect adhesive surface for your new wallpapers. Also, it acts as a protective shield to prevent moisture ingression from the wallpaper adhesives which can weaken the structure or expose the walls to mildews.

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What To Do With Existing Wallpapers?

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In case you have installed wallpapers a few years back and planning to remodel your walls with new textures of designs, the best way is to remove the old wallpapers by simply stripping it off.

For that, you can take help of a good wallpaper solvent or a specialized wallpaper streamer if you find it too difficult to remove. Once you have successfully removed the old wallpaper, fill in the tiny pores and holes along with other affected areas with sand.

Does Your Walls Have Mildews?

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If you notice stains in your walls and unable to figure out the actual cause, try a simple solution of detergent and water. If they are normal stains, they will easily go off. However, if the stains have resulted from mildews, you should contact the experts providing wallpaper supply and install in Perth.

With the help of rubber gloves, they will apply a mix of bleach and water in right proportion along with a solution of TSP and rinse off the walls with the solution. Once the surface dries up completely, they will apply a coat of acrylic sealer to remove the stains.

How To Cover Up The Uneven Surfaces?

In case of concrete, wood panelling or textured paints, your walls might have uneven surfaces which need to be smoothened before opting for wallpaper installation in Perth.

If your walls have got unique textures, sanding might not fix the issue. You might have to use a special lining paper in order to create a smooth surface for installing wallpapers. For dry walls, you can use sand and then apply a sealer. However, if the surface is severely uneven, it needs to be plastered.

Have You Got Your Walls Newly Plastered?

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If you have recently plastered your walls, you have to wait for the plaster to dry up completely before opting for wallpaper installation. Usually, contractors do not prefer wallpapering on newly plastered walls.

It’s better to seek professional assistance before you decide to install wallpapers on your newly plastered walls. There is another alternative which you can try. If you want the plaster to dry up quickly, you can neutralize it by rinsing with vinegar. After leaving it for a few minutes, you can apply double coats of premium primer sealer.

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