Make Your Home More Attractive This Christmas with Wallpaper Installation

Do you want to get rid off the outdated paint of your walls? Planning to make your home more inviting and appealing? Wallpaper installation is the new trend of making your boring walls attractive than ever.

Over the past few years, wallpapers have become a “MUST-HAVE” element in every Aussie homes due to the vibrant look it offers. For homeowners who used to rely upon paints for revamping their walls, are now switching towards wallpaper installation as it boosts the curb appeal of your home and makes your investment worthy of every dollar.

If you want to give a stellar makeover to your home this Christmas, wallpapering the best choice to vouch for.

Precautions to be Taken for DIY Wallpaper Installation

Whether you want to cover your walls with paint or wallpaper, it depends upon your personal taste and preferences. However, if you have decided to go for the latter, you need to follow a few DIY wallpaper installation instructions before taking the plunge.
If your walls are initially painted with glossy paint, it should be deglossed thoroughly before wallpapering as otherwise your wallpapers will not adhere firmly to the surface and will come off soon.

Older houses mostly have walls painted with calcimine which is a water-soluble paint and doesn’t stick to walls well. If you install wallpaper without scraping off this paint, it’s likely your wallpaper will peel off.

For wallpapering new drywall, it’s imperative to get it primed at first. Primer creates a smooth base and prepares the surface in a way so that it can restrict the paste to penetrate the walls.

3 Ways How You Can Spruce up Your Living Room with Wallpaper

No wonder, wallpaper offers great visual punch and can be applied in many different ways to complement your living rooms. If you are all set for wallpapering your home but aren’t sure how to proceed with it, here are a few nifty tips for you..

Cover Half of the Wall with Wallpaper

Whether you install wallpapers from the top or bottom of your walls, it can turn out to be a great architectural design and bring an overwhelming effect to your walls. This approach of covering the upper half of the wall with wallpaper and panelling on the lower half gives a classic look worth cherishable.

Creating a Visually Striking Feature Wall

Featured wallpapers have come a long way and have become a popular choice among Aussie homeowners as it draws attention towards a striking feature pleasing to the eye. Whether you want to wallpaper whole room or feature wall, you can experiment with bold styles or go subtle. For themed wallpapers, it’s better to install them behind fireplace or a TV where our eyes draw maximum attention.

Wallpapering the Ceilings

Most of the time, people forget to wallpaper the ceilings and they are left painted simply white. Wallpapering your ceilings is indeed a great idea to spruce up your living room and make it worth admiring. In case, you are opting for DIY wallpaper installation in Perth, it’s better to seek professional help where the experts can guide you with the right pattern and textured wallpaper that can make your ceilings more attractive.

Expert Professionals Are Here to Help!

Christmas is a good time to give a new makeover to your home. At Perth Wallpaper, we comprise of skilled and professional wallpaper specialists who offer commendable wallpaper installation in Perth at a highly competitive rate. Your walls are awaiting our expert touch. Pick up your phone and ask for a quote today!!