kitchen design successful with wallpaper installation
Make Your Kitchen Design Successful With Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper is an important element today for any decor and space. And, when it comes to kitchen, it is no more the days when neutrals are the only choice left for the homeowners. Through, many property owners prefer to use the wallpaper for the living room and bedrooms, the wallpapering trend is covering different areas to put the modern touch to the kitchen.

Since the kitchen is the humid and steamy area, you can bring a bit of creativity to make it a great addition to transform the space. Well, wallpaper is a quick alternative as well as a practical consideration over the paint or other renovation work. Here are 6 common thoughts most homeowners come with-

Is a Wallpaper Clean And Durable?

Paint and tiles are the most practical option for kitchen walls since homeowners find it the easy to clean. However, wallpaper installation for home can be a great addition considering a few facts. The first thing is to stay away from fabric-based or something that is a textured one. However, the wallpaper we will be installing for the kitchen is wipeable. All you have to do is clean it with a damp cloth using the mild cleaning products.

Types Of Wallpaper We Recommend For The Kitchen: There are 2 main types of wallpaper installation in Sydney are done for kitchen, and those are vinyl and the washable one.

There will be the print of print and colours to vinyl wallpaper. Whereas vinyl is a chemical made of ethylene, it quite hard and don’t even cause fading of print while exposed to heat or cleaning agent.

The washable one is quite different from the vinyl one. Since the washable wallpapers have thin plastics with the patterns printed over the base paper, it is more resistant to stains and marks, which allows you to wipe down the dirt and stains with a moist cloth.

How To Choose The Colour And Pattern? There are a large variety of wallpapers to choose from. Based on what you prefer for your choice of kitchen wallpaper, you can either opt for something warm or simple or something colourful and dynamic that can brighten up the atmosphere. It is a good idea to work on intricate patterns that will work seamlessly with neutral colours, whereas the simplest pattern should go better with vibrant and bold colours.

How To Create a Statement Wall With Wallpaper: It is a great idea to try some different ways to install wallpaper in your kitchen. For example, you can use paint or tiles in some portions creatively to highlight the work of your wallpaper. Tiles just behind the sink area will work well to grab the attention while installing the wallpaper on the wall right opposite the sink. Or you can install a kitchen backsplash area with colour-coordinated wallpaper for a nice change.

While capping off here, one more idea we must share with you is backing the selves with wallpaper. With the right selection of colour scheme in wallpaper selection, classic prints and some elegant accessories around, you can make your kitchen stand out with the cleanest look possible.