applying wallpaper in bathroom
4 Things To Consider Before Applying Wallpaper In Bathroom

Are you looking for some easy-to-wipe wallpapers with the heat-resistant option for your steamy bathroom? Well, it depends on the type of wallpaper and where you’re using it. Here are a few ideas to bring a beautiful wallpaper installation into reality.

1.Vinyl Wallpaper:

vinyl wallpaper
Vinyl is the most reliable material to install in a humid place like bathroom. Since vinyl is the material, which is water-resistant, it can be easily wiped down and doesn’t absorb water. So, there won’t be any problem with mould or mildew. In most cases, the vinyl wallpaper is applied with adhesives, which can be installed as well as peeled at any time. And, it is a good alternative for the preparing room for renters.

2. Where to Put Wallpapers In the Bathroom:

wallpapers in the bathroom
Wallpapers can go just anywhere, except the shower area. And, ideal for any wall above or around the shower area that includes the open space. However, you can ask our wallpaper installers in Perth to apply the wallpaper behind the clawfoot tub.

3.Wallpaper Patterns:

wallpaper patterns
When it comes to adding wallpaper prints in a pattern, here are a few things to consider-

Use big prints: A small powder room can actually seems smaller with a tiny and repetitive pattern on the walls. If you opt for random and large designs for small spaces, it will make the room feel large.

Punch up the personality: There should be graphic wallpaper with a quirky theme that can give it a touch of eccentric style. However, if you’re thinking of installing wallpaper in the backsplash area, make sure you use the water-resistant one.

Utilise the ceiling area too: Make the large bathroom a statement by carrying the wallpaper up onto the ceiling. With an innovative wallpaper placement, it must contain the space and delivers the pattern that will converge at your hot shower. Make sure the wallpapered bathroom has a vent inside or near the ceiling.

Bring the Nature: Wallpaper with graphic nature-inspired gives the sense of vintage style when paired with branch-framed mirror, antique-style washbasin, brass faucet, tall wainscoting. The zebra or grass printed wallpaper can make your morning in your bathroom more inviting.

Partner the pattern: To bring the cohesive look, try swirling design on the ceiling part, which can echo the shape of a chandelier.

4.Expertise Matters:

If you’re planning to hang wallpaper to your bathroom, make sure the walls are smooth enough to hold the adhesives. And, our wallpaper installation experts in Perth are the best answers for any such requirements. We will assess your walls, install the papers and hang the wallpaper matching the patters seamlessly. While using vinyl wallpapers, our experts use clear varnish over the paper to seal it with the moisture. We also use the mildew-resistant primer to prepare the walls for wallcovering.

Are you feeling confused about what to choose? Well, you can start with subtly patterned wallpaper in neutral shades that can add character, warmth, and depth to the powder room or your bathroom. Call our professionals at 0466 249 555 for a free quote.