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Wallpapering Slanting or Sloping Ceilings – the Basics

Rooms that are under the eaves usually exude a comfortable, cosy character. Still, the downside is always considered a loss of storage and space. Wallpapers, along with furniture, are found to provide a bit of depth, which creates a filling environment and adds a ‘feel good’ tinge.

In sharp contrast to the popular belief that slants generally are pain areas, they provide a considerable extent of creative potential. This potential can be exploited to the fullest extent by using innovatively designed wallpapers, installed by a reputed and experienced company like Perth Wallpaper.

Installing designer wallpapers in Perth on these slopes or slants is not rocket science. All you need is some creative acumen and assistance from a company like us that have been in this business for quite some years. That is precisely what we do!

Here are some basics that you need to know when it comes to wallpapering the slants and slopes.

Not all the slants are identical
not all the slants are identical
When it comes to selecting the right wallpaper for slanted ceilings, the first and foremost factor that needs to be considered is the number of occupants of the room in question.

When the roof or the attic is converted, it usually generates two slopes along with two gable walls that face each other. It will also generate a low straight area of the wall, known as knee wall, flap tile or a jamb wall.

Again, slanting ceilings may at times have multiple roof pitches and angles. The steeper is the slant, the higher will the roof pitch be, and the further the slope will beetle into the room.

Now, when it comes to wallpapering them, you need to be creative. But first things first. You need to plan first!

Plan, plan and plan..before anything else!

Slanting ceilings come up with the immense potential for imaginative as well as stylish rooms, with a twin dose of charm. Hence, before you select a fitting, quality, yet cheap wallpaper in Perth, take into consideration the interior design.

You need to use the layout of the room intelligently and ensure that the proportions harmonise with the envisaged fittings and furniture. It will support the depth that the wallpapers will provide once they are set up.

Another aspect to consider is the freedom of movement that the room allows. See if there are definite structures and pathways.

Do not forget to consider the integration of the slope with the rest of the room and its angle.

Also, find if there is any focal point in the room such as a bed or a writing table or a showpiece under the slope.

Take into consideration the type and the number of windows in the room. You can have a skylight, or vertical window(s), dormer, or balcony doors in the room. This will determine the type and pattern of wallpaper, the colours and the effects that you need.

The Patterns to look for….
patterns to look for

Thematically, there are hardly any limits when it comes to picking up wallpapers for slanting walls.

You can opt for floral patterns to add a romantic tinge or opt for graphic, baroque patterns and other nonconventional motifs to add some out of the world effect. The size, the position and the pattern effects will provide an impact on the room and its ambience.

You can choose the wide, large-scale, horizontal patterns that will make the slopes look shorter than they are.

You can also opt for more delicate varieties, with narrow and vertical variations that will make the room look much higher, broader and bigger than it is.

Multidimensional as well as sculptural patterns, patterns with the optical effect is a strict NO-NO! You need to opt for a reputed and experienced wallpaper shop in Perth like Perth Wallpaper for the best quote and further suggestions.

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