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Wallpaper Installation For a Room With a High Ceiling- A Brief Discourse

Who doesn’t love large victorian house having huge rooms with high walls and ceilings? Such buildings carry certain prestige and image that everyone loves to flaunt. Some people even prefer the lower ceiling option to avoid the dreaded hall ambience. However, wallpaper plays an integral part by enhancing how the high walls and ceilings look great, especially when it comes to renovation projects.

Which Are Considered As Historic Buildings?

historic buildings
Buildings that have been raised decades back are known as historic buildings. Such building types come with large rooms, high ceiling, large windows similar from Edwardian periods. And, they are the symbol of emergence for the middle-class people, since featuring the architectural details which date back to 100 years older.

When Is It Considered a High Ceiling?

considered a high ceiling
Is it a residential place? If yes, then the minimum clearance for the height is 2.30m. Houses built in the 1960s have the ceiling hight between 2.40m to 2.50m. Based on the building type and the region, 2.80m is also called as normal. However, in today’s luxury home, the ceiling height tends to be up to 3.00m, which gives the scope for both energy efficiency as well as comfort.

How Do We Wallpaper High Walls and Ceilings:

wallpaper high walls
Whether know or not, wallpaper installation in Perth for ceilings require physical endurance as well as a high level of concentration. And, when it comes to designing large rooms with high ceilings, it must create a sense of well-being as well as introducing the feel-good factor. Walls and ceilings are wallpapered keeping a few things in mind-

  • High walls are suitable for large-scale, opulent patterns while achieving stronger colours. Horizontally aligned patterns are a stronger option to decrease the height of the walls visually. Even geometric and diagonally arranged patterns are also suitable.
  • Dark colours also make dizzying heights that make the ceiling appear lower and can also complement with the hues of the wallpaper.
  • Wallpaper with dark and bold colours can give a visual feeling of “filled” room that takes away the dreaded “hall effect”. Even, our wallpaper installers in Perth suggest combining the cheerful pattern can distract the eye from the high ceiling.
  • To make the wall look shorter and ceilings low, there are some design patterns to choose. Also, make sure that there is a gap between the wallpaper and the top of the wall.
  • Relief, flock and structure wallpapers with 3D effects can add the movement to the ceilings, which is a great distraction form the height factor. Such wallpaper design looks flawless when combined with the darker shades of the walls.

Walls can be treated with unique style quotient while matching the pattern, nature or rustic wallpaper design. However, no design is meant to reduce the height and spaciousness of the room, but to make the most of it while exploiting the full potential of it. Our professional wallpaper installation near Perth offers a large range of choices for a robust model that is found in many colours and patterns. For commercial premises, the right wallpapers enhance the interaction with the clients and staff, while flowing the inspirations around.