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Know How to Hang Modern Wallpaper on Rough Plaster Walls

When applying new wallpapers, smoother the plaster, better it will get. Sadly, not all homes come with perfect conditions. We have found a few DIY enthusiasts who come up with rough plaster in different graning degree, which makes it unsuitable for wallpaper application.

So, if you want to hang wallpaper on the rough walls, it all depends on the structure as well as the type of wallpaper. Well, there is nothing to worry, as the solutions are there to allow you to hang modern house wallpaper even on rough plaster walls.

However, you may require a bit of extra work, where you may need to invest an additional amount for the cost of the materials. But, eventually, you will get a designer patterned wallpaper for your dream home.

What is Smooth vs Rough Plaster/Render?

Be it wall treatment or material- the term plaster or render sands for both. Whether it will be smooth or grainy surface, it highly depends on the type and method of plastering used. The smooth rendering consists of gypsum, cement or synthetic resin that allows the finish of wall decors like paint, panelling or wallpaper. Different decorative plaster types come with different level of graininess.
smooth vs rough plaster
Such surface types are left untreated or just painted and these are known as stucco plaster, whereas the smooth finishes are known as rendering. Textured and structured plaster comes with a large variety of appearances and sub-types.

Why Is It Difficult to Apply Wallpaper on the Rough Surface?

apply wallpaper on the rough surface
According to our wallpaper installation specialists in perth– the wallpaper can have a strong grip over the smooth, clean and stable surface, whereas rough walls can’t give such condition. As a result, it will be difficult to hang wallpapers without damage. Even if you succeed in applying the wallpaper without any harm, the wallpaper eventually develops holes. So, the walls need to smoothen out first. And, with a finely structured plaster, the vinyl wallpapers or thick PVC can provide an acceptable solution.

How to Wallpaper the Walls with Rough Plaster? Are you dealing with to very rough plaster surface and also long for wallpaper on it? If yes, there are 2 practical solutions you can expect-

 Adding a smooth layer of plaster
 Application of plasterboard cladding

Select the Right Wallpaper:-

The liner of the wallpaper will help you to protect it from the coarseness of the walls. Avoid bringing bright or solid colours for your modern wallpaper in Perth. Overprints, pattered designs can be a great application over the plaster walls. You can hang heavy duty wall liner directly over the concrete. The liner will protect your wallpaper from the rough texture of the plaster.

Wallpaper specialists cut the wallpaper liner in strips according to the dimension of the wall, and apply the strong adhesive glue to the back of the liner. After applying the strips horizontally, you have to use plastic vinyl smoother to push the liner firmly into the place.

We ensure proper preparations that can reduce and even eliminate the problem before they can occur. The aim is to hide the texture and get a smooth, flawless and amazingly printed appearance for the walls. To know more about our work, kindly call our professionals at 0466 249 555.